Last Night’s Moths 27-09-2011

With a talk and slideshow presentation for the Market Drayton Townswomen’s Guild tonight,  I set the 15w Actinic trap in the garden last night to collect live specimens to take along with me.

Not only did a pristine Merveille du Jour turn up –  one of the most beautiful moths at this time of year

but a first ever for me with this lovely little micro who goes by the name of Acleris cristana.

It’s quite a scarce species with (according to the dataset at my disposal) only 11 other Shropshire records going as far back as 1935.  Nine of these were in the Wyre Forest, one at Chelmarsh, one at Whixall Moss and now one in Midways Garden, Shifnal!

It has two quite distinctive black tufts in the centre of the wings. The markings and colourings are very varied with over 100 different forms noted so far but the black tufts are the diagnostic feature which are constant throughout all the forms.

And although I’ve seen this Noctuid a couple of times before it’s always a welcome sight: An Orange Sallow.

Only 28 moths arrived but there were 13 species and some interesting ones too, I think you’ll agree?

Here’s the list:-

998    Epiphyas postvittana    Light Brown Apple Moth    1
1054    Acleris cristana                        1
1738    Epirrhoe alternata    Common Carpet            2
1914    Ennomos fuscantaria    Dusky Thorn            1
2107    Noctua pronuba            Large Yellow Underwing 12
2117    Eugnorisma glareosa    Autumnal Rustic            1
2232    Aporophyla nigra    Black Rustic            1
2240    Lithophane leautieri    Blair’s Shoulder-knot    2
2247    Dichonia aprilina    Merveille du Jour    1
2264    Agrochola macilenta    Yellow-line Quaker    1
2266    Agrochola litura    Brown-spot Pinion    2
2267    Agrochola lychnidis    Beaded Chestnut            2
2270    Omphaloscelis lunosa    Lunar Underwing            1

Catch you all soon

Paul Watts

PS.  I hate WordPress!  Blogger is much easier to use in my opinion! The table above for some reason appears below too and I can’t for the life of me find a way to delete it. Anyone any ideas? No – I thought not. Might switch this blog to blogger at some time!


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